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To provide opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the major accredited Russian universities, in accordance with contracts and agreements concluded between the two parties. We provide our services in various specialties, such as

 First Natural Specialties

1- Engineering (petroleum, energy, civil, industrial, etc.)

2- Human Medicine

3- Dentistry

4- Pharmacy

5 - Physical therapy

Second: Social Disciplines:

1- Economy

2. International law

2. International law

And many other items

  • We already have thousands of graduate students from universities, who have been distinguished in their countries when they return
  • High education, availability of all faculties and disciplines, and the possibility of choosing the language of study at the student's request (Russian, English, French)
  • Providing study in European universities at lower fees than Arab universities
  • Obtaining the necessary approvals for entering the airport and receiving a request from the university
  • Receiving the student from the airport, going to university accommodation and registration
  • Najah is the guardian of the student, taking care of him and helping him in everything from the first day, until the graduation day, so that nothing is difficult for them.

Conditions for admission to Ukrainian and Russian universities

Russian universities accept students starting from a total of 50% in all colleges and majors ... The certificates of Russian universities are classified among the world's top rankings and recognized by the countries of the world, including the European Union and the Americas


Russia's higher education system consists of more than 650 public universities, with a population of nine million. Higher education abroad is characterized by continuous growth and development. Universities are always striving to build innovative, talented and creative students.

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History and civilization

Ukraine and Russia have an ancient history spanning centuries and decades. It is rich in culture, history and literature, according to different time periods. Russia's culture has greatly supported the reputation, power and influence of the world, to be a truly superpower.

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Cooperation with universities

Al successis working on several projects in cooperation with Russian universities. These partnerships seek to achieve full awareness of Arab students through integrated programs according to specialized departments and colleges.

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Life in Ukraine and Russia

It is known that Ukraine and Russia are characterized by extreme cold weather; so the company helps students provide life and acclimatization services, providing accommodation, tours, cultural, social, and other means of life

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Strong partnerships, and outstanding service

We are distinguished by contracting and cooperating with all universities in Russia, and we offer a wide range of educational programs you can get